SOCDS Building Permits Database

This database contains data on permits for residential construction issued by about 21,000 jurisdictions collected in the Census Bureau's Building Permits Survey. (Documentation available here.) You can create output tables at the State, County, MSA, CBSA (1999 MSA/PMSA and 2003 CBSA definitions.) or permit-issuing jurisdiction level. Monthly data are available from January 1997 through April 2024 for about 9,000 jurisdictions that respond to the monthly survey. The remaining jurisdictions report annual data only. Annual data are available from 1980 through 2023. State and Metropolitan Area monthly data do not include imputations of data, created by the Census Bureau, for the jurisdictions within them that report only annual data.

Note: Since the source data used in the "State Year-To-Date" report is pre-adjusted by Census to account for missing annual reporters, it will not match the statewide totals in the "Past 36 Months" report, which is aggregated from unadjusted monthly place-level data.

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