State of the Cities Data Systems: Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) Data

Documenting Your Priority Housing Needs

The Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) data are used by HOME and CDBG jurisdictions to prepare their consolidated plans. 2000 special tabulation data showing housing problems and the availability of affordable housing are available through this site for states, counties, places, and CDBG/HOME jurisdictions. For comparision purposes, 1990 data for old CHAS table 1C are also available via this site. The data in these tables can be used in Consolidated Plan Table 2A . Note, the 2000 special tabulation data and median family incomes are based on metropolitan area definitions at the time of the 2000 Census.

Users of these data should be aware that the Census Bureau uses a special rounding scheme on special tabulation data. As a result, users should expect a small discrepancy between the data reported here and data reported from SF3 (such as total renter households). The SOCDS CHAS tables were created from very disaggregated files. These "base files" are also available from HUDUSER. On each of the SOCDS CHAS tables, we indicate the source base file.

All of the data prior to May 1, 2004 were aggregated from census tract level special tabulution data to jurisdiction totals. Analysis of the data found that aggregation from the census tract level increased the magnitude of the discrepancy caused by rounding between the special tabulation data and the SF3 data. To reduce the magnitude of the discrepancy, the SOCDS CHAS tables for the "State", "County", and "Census Place" geography levels now reflect special tabulation data obtained at those higher levels of geography. This reduces the amount of rounding "noise" in the data relative to the data available prior to May 1, 2004. For the "CDBG" and "HOME" geography levels, the data continue to be aggregated from the census tract level in order to appropriately represent Urban Counties, State Nonentitlement balances, and to allow for adding in (or subtracting out) annexations over time.

Additional changes since May 1, 2004 include the addition of Census 2000 housing needs tables for American Indians and Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander households as well as a table for households with mobility and self-care limitations.

If you have any questions, first refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. Other questions regarding these data should be directed to: Todd_M._Richardson@HUD.GOV.

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