State of the Cities Data Systems: Current Labor Force Data

This system provides labor force data for individual cities from a database of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It will display data on the number of employed residents, the size of the labor force, and the unemployment rate during a selected month in two selected years between 1990 and August 2012. It contains data for all of the U.S. principal cities and metropolitan areas. This means that the definition of "Suburbs" for those metropolitan areas where BLS does not publish some principal city data will differ from the definition used in SOCDS Census data tables. Please see link at bottom of page for list.

*As of September 2006, SOCDS presents metropolitan area employment data according to the core based statistical area definition established by the Census in December 2003. Micropolitan area data are not included.

To retrieve a city's data, first choose

its State or Core Based Statistical Area

Researchers wishing to obtain all of the data used to generate Current Labor Force Data tables can download it from BLS's Series Report system using these BLS locality codes.

in Adobe Acrobat format


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BLS does not publish data for the following cities click for list.